Oppurtunities and challenges for implementing plan S

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Leden van De Jonge Akademie kunnen met een beurs van De Jonge Akademie projecten uitvoeren die aansluiten bij haar doelstellingen.

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On 4 September 2018, Plan S1 was launched by Robert-Jan Smits, Open Access Envoy of the European Commis-sion, and Science Europe, an association of European Research Funding Organisations. The stated target of Plan S, to which already 13 European national science funders have committed, is:

“After 1 January 2020 scientific publications on the results from research funded by public grants provided by national and European research councils and funding bodies, must be published in com-pliant Open Access Journals or on compliant Open Access Platforms.”

We consider Plan S as a bold step that has the potential to be a game-changer in making European science open and setting an example globally on how publicly funded research is published, in particular its requirement that the copyright remains with the author and that licences adhere to the Berlin Declaration.





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