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Who will be the new members of The Young Academy?

April 17, 2024

The Young Academy recently sent out a call for nominations of new candidates for membership of its society. Those eligible to submit nominations have until 16 June to do so. The new group of ten young researchers will be installed as members of The Young Academy on 1 April 2025.

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Who qualifies for membership?

Scientists and scholars with a proven track record who:

  • are employed at a university and/or research institute within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and obtained their PhD after 1 April 2015
  • have a broad interest in science policy, the interface between science and society, interdisciplinary collaboration, and internationalisation
  • wish to play an active role in The Young Academy and have interesting ideas about how they would do so

The Young Academy aims to be as diverse as possible in representing a broad spectrum of employing universities, disciplines and areas of interest (research, teaching, valorisation or clinical care) but also in terms of other forms of diversity, such as gender, ethnic, racialised and cultural backgrounds, first-generation researchers, and people with work limitations. 

Who may nominate candidates?

  • Rectores magnifici of Dutch universities
  • Directors of Academy and NWO research institutes 
  • Chairpersons of the Academy domain boards
  • Members of The Young Academy acting jointly 
  • Chairperson of the Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH) 
  • Directors of other institutes (with the exception of university medical centres) that fall under the NWO grant rules.

More information and nominations

To read up on the nomination procedure and the regulations, see The Young Academy website. If you have questions, contact The Young Academy at dja@knaw.nl



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