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The Young Academy condemns violence against students and staff at Iranian universities

October 07, 2022

The Young Acacemy is shocked by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s violence against women in general and against students and staff at Iranian universities in particular. The violence on and around the campus of the Sharif University of Technology violates the principles of free scholarship.

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The Young Academy supports the protests against discrimination, exclusion and oppression that arose after the killing of Mahsa Jina Amini. We strongly condemn this escalation of violence and encourage the international academic community to provide assistance where necessary. Although we do not expect the situation to change in the immediate term, we believe that speaking out and showing solidarity is important, for the courageous students and academics in Iran, and for the many Iranians studying and working in the Netherlands who enrich our universities with their knowledge and skills.

We call on Dutch knowledge institutions to explore how they can help support Iranian students and staff by listening to those affected and contributing understanding of the situation within and beyond the academic community. One example of this is the information sessions and seminars being organized at several universities. This also underlines the importance of offering institutional support for hosting students and scientists who have to flee their home country. We sincerely hope that Scholars at Risk-NL is soon able to offer help in the Netherlands. Finally, we ask all university employees working in the Netherlands to reach out to their Iranian colleagues and students, and offer their support and help in these times of great stress.


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