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Wanted: Student assistant (0.2 – 0.4) FTE – Refugees in science initiative

April 20, 2022

For the project ‘Acad-amis in support of At-risk Scholars’, we are looking in the short term for a student assistant for four months.

The Acad-amis project aims to map out how Dutch knowledge institutions offer and could offer help to scientists worldwide who have to leave the country they work in because of conflict or oppression. The relevance of this project has been underlined by the outbreak of war in Ukraine, with all universities and institutes sensing the urgency to provide appropriate assistance.


The student assistant will help by conducting interviews relating to: 1) which services and persons at Dutch universities and institutes are involved in offering help to refugee students and scientists, 2) what issues universities are facing, and 3) what forms of help refugee scientists who enter the Netherlands with a different status have received. Finally, the student will assist in setting up a web portal to provide all information to refugee scientists, as well as to scientists and universities offering help.

Job requirements/wishes:

We are looking for a student who has successfully completed a propaedeutic examination and who:

  • has an excellent command of Dutch and English;
  • is reliable and a good organiser;
  • can communicate professionally with different types of organisations.
  • Experience with project management is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of the Dutch academic system is appreciated, but not required. An interest in the organisation of science is, however, desirable.

The student assistant will be employed by the University Medical Centre Groningen and paid in accordance with the salary scales for a student assistant. Living in Groningen is not a requirement.

If you are interested, you can submit a motivation letter and a short CV. Please submit any questions to dja@knaw.nl and/or Marie-José van Tol m.j.van.tol@umcg.nl 



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