Pieter Coppens

Pieter Coppens (born 1983) is broadly concerned with Islamic intellectual history, through the lens of the history of Koranic interpretation. He works mainly with sources in classical Arabic.

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Over the past fourteen centuries, Muslims have written numerous comprehensive commentaries on the Koran, and they continue to do so today. We can learn a great deal from these commentaries about how Muslims sought and seek a connection between the actual world they live in and their most sacred text, shaping their specific interpretive communities with their own structures of authority. This is a rich source for intellectual history, but the large size of the corpus means that it remains underused. Pieter Coppens is experimenting with Digital Humanities methods so as to make that vast corpus more accessible. As a member of the DJA, he hopes to make more room within the scientific field for "slow science" and interdisciplinary serendipity.








Main position

Associate professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



Islamic intellectual history 


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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Centre for Islamic Theology





Pieter Coppens - The Young Academy



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