Max van Duijn

Max van Duijn (born 1984) investigates people's ability to empathise with others and envision the world from their perspective; this is also known as "thought reading" or "Theory of Mind".

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This ability has traditionally been studied mainly by means of psychological tasks and experiments, but Max studies it in the natural context of human communication and interaction. Combining techniques from linguistics, narratology, data science and artificial intelligence, he analyses how children and adults take in and elaborate other people's perspectives in conversations, stories and other forms of language use. His research links together the humanities, the social sciences, and the exact sciences. Max finds it both enjoyable and important to talk about science not only to students but also to a wider audience. His publications appear, in English and Dutch, in both scholarly and popularising contexts.

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Main position

Assistant professor at Leiden University



Empirical narratology
Artificial intelligence


Member since



Connected to

Leiden University, Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS),



Max van Duijn - The Young Academy



De Jonge Akademie
Postbus 19121
1000 GC Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020 551 0867

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