Joeri Tijdink

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Expertise: Meta-research & Psychiatry & Research integrity & Mental health in academia & Research culture

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What is research integrity? Joeri Tijdink attempts to answer this question in his research, which focuses on preventing dubious research practices and improving the trustworthiness of science and scientists.

On the one hand, he studies issues that affect individual researchers, such as a healthy research climate and proper supervision. On the other hand, he is interested in the academic system as a whole, for example publication pressure and the fair allocation of research funding. Tijdink is involved in various interdisciplinary, national and international projects aimed at promoting responsible research practices. He also practices psychiatry. As a member of The Young Academy, he plans to draw positive attention to mental health among young researchers, to explain the importance of a responsible research climate, and to highlight the beauty of science in all its forms.

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Main position

Assistant professor Amsterdam UMC & VU Amsterdam



Research integrity
Mental health in academia
Research culture


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VU Amsterdam - Faculty of Humanities, Epistemology and Metaphysics

Amterdam UMC - Philosophy Department (Faculty of Humanities) and at the Ethics, Law and Humanities




De Jonge Akademie
Postbus 19121
1000 GC Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020 551 0867

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