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Science policy decisions have a major impact on us all. However, it is not always clear who makes these decisions and whether these decisions have been made after broad consultation with the community. How can we include the voices of community members?

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And in doing so, how can we move from polarized stance-taking to a more nuanced discussion, acknowledging the dilemmas a policymaker may face?

By means of the Research Funding Consultation project, The Young Academy is experimenting with a collective consultation.


The Young Academy is adopting the participatory value evaluation method (PVE). In the PVE, participants are faced with the dilemmas and limitations that policymakers face, and have to propose solutions within the constraints imposed. This method has been developed by fellow researchers and has successfully been applied in large-scale citizen consultations on topics that spark fierce societal debate, such as the relaxation of coronavirus measures.

This consultation relates to science funding, a topic that affects all academics in the Netherlands. At present, discussions are taking place about possible funding reforms, which trigger strongly polarized responses. If we would address all academics in the Netherlands and ask them to weigh their preferences on this matter, what insights would result? By joining forces, we wish to create an evidence-based collective signal that can better inform our policymakers.

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