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Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences names ten new Young Academy members

18 March 2010

Ten new members will soon join the Young Academy. They are researchers working in a variety of disciplines who have been selected for their scientific achievements and received their doctorates less than ten years ago.

A special committee of Young Academy and Royal Academy members selects ten new Young Academy members every year. The candidates are selected for their research excellence, interdisciplinary approach, and broad interest in science. Young Academy members step down after five years. The first generation of Young Academy members will be resigning on 1 April 2010. After the new members join, the Young Academy will have a membership of fifty.

The official inauguration of the new Young Academy members will take place on Thursday 18 March 2010 at the Trippenhuis Building, the Royal Academy's headquarters in Amsterdam. Royal Academy president Robbert Dijkgraaf will preside over the inauguration. The Young Academy will also be celebrating its fifth anniversary on that date.

New members

Dr Arianna Betti (history and philosophy of logic, VU University Amsterdam)
Dr Bé Breij (Greek and Latin language and culture, Radboud University Nijmegen)
Dr Tamara van Gog (educational psychology, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Professor Holger Gzella (Hebrew and Aramaic language and literature, Leiden University)
Dr Ronald Hanson (quantum nanoscientist, Delft University of Technology)
Dr Joost Hoenderop (physiology, Radboud University Nijmegen)
Professor Ingrid Robeyns (practical philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Dr Bettina Speckmann (information science, Eindhoven University of Technology)
Dr Dolf Weijers (biochemistry, Wageningen University and Research Centre)
Dr Ysbrand van der Werf (cognitive neuroscience, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience NIN-KNAW and VU University Medical Centre)

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