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Downloads for Mundus (PDF)

24 June 2014

Mundus is digital available in PDF. Here you can find the PDF's you need, to make a copy of Mundus and play it at your school or to have a look at the game. For professional printing in large amounts, see juridical guidelines.

The game consists of the following materials:

  • manual for teachers, including an introductory story and a concluding story.
  • 30 sources (A4 sheets with drawings, graphs, tables and so on) and an instruction sheet.
  • a box-illustration 
  • question and answer cards, divided into four categories:
    • basic (light green, numbered B1 to B50)
    • level 1 (red, numbered 1 to 51)
    • level 2 (dark grey, numbered 52 to 108)
    • level 3 (blue, numbered 109 to 141)

Expedition Mundus can be adapted to any class level. Besides the materials listed above, you will need a blank sheet of paper for each pair of pupils. They will use this to collect and ‘publish’ their answer cards and to keep score. You can find more information about the material and different levels in the Manual for Teachers.


Mundus Manual for Teachers
Mundus Sources
Mundus Box Illustration

Mundus questions and answer cards for 2-sided printing:

Mundus Questions Basic
Mundus Questions category 1
Mundus Questions category 2
Mundus Questions category 3

Mundus Answers Basic
Mundus Answers category 1
Mundus Answers category 2
Mundus Answers category 3

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