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'Beta'- Researchers Against Cuts Affecting Other Sciences

11 June 2019

We, the researchers working in 'beta' / technical sciences in the Netherlands, agree with the conclusion of Committee Van Rijn that it is necessary to invest more money in education and research in our domain of activity. However, we also emphasize that we feel primarily scientists, which is why we do not want investments in the 'beta' / technical domain to come at the cost of other domains of science.

We are facing important societal and scientific challenges that require collaboration between scientists from all disciplines, not just scientists from the 'beta' / technical domain. We think doing the opposite, where scientific fields and scientists are played against each other, is harmful for Dutch science as a whole and for 'beta' / technical science in particular.

Instead of the proposed measures, which are disruptive, we see a better solution in a more gradual growth of education and research in 'beta' / technical sciences.

We call on our fellow scientists in Dutch 'beta' / technical sciences to support this call.

You can do this by adding your details below. Open until 1 July, 2019.


Anton Akhmerov (natuurkunde, TU Delft / De Jonge Akademie)
Lisa Becking (biologie, Wageningen University & Research / De Jonge Akademie)
Celia Berkers (scheikunde, Universiteit Utrecht / De Jonge Akademie)
Jason Hessels (sterrenkunde, Universiteit van Amsterdam + ASTRON / De Jonge Akademie)
Arjan Houtepen (scheikunidige technologie TU Delft / De Jonge Akademie)
Arfan Ikram (epidemiologie & biostatistiek, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam / De Jonge Akademie)
Alexandru Iosup (informatica, Vrije Universiteit / De Jonge Akademie)
Marleen Kamperman (scheikunde, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen / De Jonge Akademie)
Selma de Mink (sterrenkunde, Universiteit van Amsterdam / De Jonge Akademie)
Erik van Sebille (fysische oceanografie, Universiteit Utrecht / De Jonge Akademie)
Arne Smeets (wiskunde, Radboud Universiteit / De Jonge Akademie)
Frans Snik (sterrenkunde, Universiteit Leiden / De Jonge Akademie)


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