Erik van Sebille

Expertise: Marine and Atmospheric Research & Physical Oceanography

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Marine physicist Erik van Sebille (1981) studies how small particles, such as plastic and plankton, move in oceans. He is interested in the influence of ocean currents on the climate, ecosystems and pollution and his work straddles physics, biology and the policy sciences. He also cooperates on the Plastic Tide Citizen-Science Project, in which amateur drone pilots worldwide are documenting plastic pollution on beaches. At The Young Academy, Van Sebille aims to promote more transparent scientific data and methods and the involvement of stakeholders in research.

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Prof. Dr.





Main position

Professor of Oceanography and Public Engagement


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Employed by

Utrecht University - Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Research






De Jonge Akademie
Postbus 19121
1000 GC Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020 551 0867

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