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Barbara Vis

Prof. dr.
Main position
Hoogleraar UU
Economics and Business Administration
Political science
Politiek en Bestuur
Employed by
Universiteit Utrecht
Afdeling Bestuurswetenschap en Politicologie
Postbus 80125
3508 TC   Utrecht
tel.   030 253 4935
Personal website Research/publications

Barbara Vis is professor at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Political Decision-making, VU University Amsterdam.

Barbara (born in 1979) is an economist and political scientist. Her research combines insights from differing disciplines in order to study high-risk decision-making by political actors at various levels (politicians, political parties, and governments) on salient issues (welfare state reform and military interventions). Vis established her reputation in the social sciences by applying and refining a new type of comparative method.

Vis, Prof. dr. B. (Barbara)
  • Comparative political economy, welvaartsstaathervormingen, political decisionmaking, comparative methods (Qualitative Comparative Analysis [QCA]) in particular)

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