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Nathalie Katsonis

Prof. dr.
Main position
Hoogleraar UT
Bio-inspired and Smart Materials
Employed by
Universiteit Twente
MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology
Postbus 217
7500 AE   Enschede
tel.   053 489 2629
Personal website Research/publications

Professor Nathalie Katsonis (Biomolecular Nanotechnology Group, Smart and Bio-inspired Materials, University of Twente), born in 1978, is interested in the development of smart materials whose structure and function are inspired by biology. For example, she and her team study materials that mimic the mechanical movements of plants. As a successful female researcher and the author of various papers in Nature, she has encouraged young women in her field by participating in the “Women in Chemistry” event. She believes in providing effective public information, specifically about nanotechnology, in order to boost public support and enthusiasm for scientific research.

Katsonis, Prof. dr. N.H. (Nathalie)
  • Biomimetics, photo-responsive materials, helical chirality, liquid crystals, self-assembly at all scales


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