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Ewout Frankema

Prof. dr.
Main position
Hoogleraar WUR
Modern and contemporary history
Economics and Business Administration
Rural and Environmental History
Employed by
Wageningen University & Research
Leerstoelgroep Agrarische- en Milieugeschiedenis, gebouw/kamer 201/2037
Postbus 8130
6700 EW   Wageningen
tel.   0317 484 027
Personal website Research/publications

Ewout Frankema is professor at the Rural and Environmental History Group, Wageningen University & Research Centre.

With a background in economics, history and philosophy, Ewout (born in 1974) has a unique research signature focusing on the quest for the historical roots of poverty and wealth. He has received an ERC Starting Grant for his current research project, which measures and analyses long-term trends in welfare in sub-Saharan Africa. He is also working with an international research team on developing open-access educational materials that will support the teaching of history in Africa.

Frankema, Prof. dr. E.H.P. (Ewout)
  • Economy, history



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