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Herman Paul

Prof. dr.
Main position
Universitair hoofddocent UL; bijzonder hoogleraar RUG
Geschiedfilosofie en historiografie; secularisatiestudies
Employed by
Universiteit Leiden
Instituut voor Geschiedenis
Postbus 9515
2300 RA   Leiden
tel.   071 527 2757
Personal website Research/publications

What personality traits should a good scholar possess? The research conducted by historian Herman Paul (born in 1978) into the character of the scholar has provoked considerable comment.

He is keen to seek international cooperation for his study and has explained to the media why this project is relevant in the fight against research fraud. The main question explored in his research is: what is scholarship (i.e. historiography) and how can it best be pursued? Paul has published two collections of interviews with researchers in other fields in which they give detailed descriptions of their conceptual and practical methods. It is a genre that he is keen to expand on in future.

Paul, Prof. dr. H.J. (Herman)
  • History of philosophy, historiography, study of secularisation

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