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Sjoerd Repping

Prof. dr.
Main position
Hoogleraar UvA / Hoofd Centrum voor Voortplantingsgeneeskunde (AMC)
Humane voortplantingsbiologie
Employed by
Universiteit van Amsterdam, Academisch Medisch Centrum
Centrum voor Voortplantingsgeneeskunde
Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ   Amsterdam
tel.   020 566 7917
Personal website Research/publications

Sjoerd Repping (born in 1974) is a top international researcher in human reproductive medicine.

He is capable of taking observations in fundamental research – for example concerning the genetic causes of male infertility – and using them at very short notice to produce relevant improvements in treatment. One striking example is that he has made it possible to protect the fertility of young boys undergoing chemotherapy. Repping is a vigorous participant in the public debate about new fertility treatments and the use of stem cells. In that sense as well, he serves as a role model for a new generation of young researchers.

Repping, Prof. dr. S. (Sjoerd)
  • Medicine, biomedical sciences, human reproductive biology

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