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Janneke Gerards

Prof. mr.
Main position
Hoogleraar UU
Interdisciplinary branches of law
Constitutional and administrative law
Fundamentele rechten
End membership
Employed by
Universiteit Utrecht, Faculteit Recht, Economie, Bestuur en Organisatie
Departement Rechtsgeleerdheid - Staatsrecht, Bestuursrecht en Rechtstheorie
Achter Sint Pieter 200 (kamer 2.07)
3512 HT   Utrecht
Personal website Research/publications

The research conducted by Janneke Gerards concentrates on judicial review in fundamental rights cases in the pluralist European legal order.

In particular, she examines legal methods of argumentation and interpretation that national and European courts (ECJ, ECtHR) use in solving hard cases on fundamental rights. Her main research goal is to develop models and guidelines to improve judicial reasoning on the basis of legal-theoretical research and comparative case-law analyses (mainly US, UK and Canada). She is also interested in equal treatment and non-discrimination law, in the relationship between national and European constitutional law and in the relationship between courts and legislature.

Gerards, Prof. mr. J.H. (Janneke)
  • Fundamental rights
  • human rights
  • role of the judge
  • European institutional law
  • relationship Europe and national states
  • judicial judgement
  • argumentation
  • equal treatment
  • freedom of speech/freedom of religion
  • privacy

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