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Alexandru Iosup

Prof. dr. ir.
Main position
Hoogleraar VU en universitair hoofddocent TUD
Computer systems, architectures, networks
Computer science
Distributed Computing Systems, Informatica
Employed by
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Faculty of Science, Computer Systems
De Boelelaan 1081
1081HV   Amsterdam
tel.   015 278 4433
Personal website Research/publications

Alexandru Iosup (born in 1980) is an international pioneer in ‘distributed systems’.

Computer systems and, specifically, their software consist of different components that can operate concurrently and in widely dispersed physical locations. His research is crucial for such emerging fields as cloud computing and popular internet applications like e-Science and online gaming, as well as for the future of large-scale or gamification-based teaching. Iosup is an advocate of open access and devotes much of his time to supervising talented young researchers.

Iosup, Prof. dr. ir. A. (Alexandru)
  • Massivizing computing systems. Distributed computing systems. Resource Scheduling and Management. Benchmarking. Cloud computing. Big data. E-Science. Online gaming. Gamification in higher education



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