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Rianne Letschert

Prof. dr. mr.
Main position
Rector magnificus UM
International law
Internationaal recht en victimologie
End membership
Employed by
Maastricht University
Bestuursgebouw Minderbroedersberg
Minderbroedersberg 4-6
6211 LK   Maastricht
tel.   043 388 2222 Research/publications

Most victimology research, a field that is interdisciplinary almost by definition, concerns the victims of ordinary crime in the West. Rianne Letschert (born in 1976) is innovative because she focuses on people who are the victims of mass human rights violations or even genocide/attempted genocide.

In collaboration with other researchers, she recently launched a study of recovery measures after mass victimisation in the Arab world. In addition to her professorship, Letschert is the deputy director of the upcoming research institute INTERVICT and is also active in science communication for young people. This year her university presented her with its award for the “Top Female Role Model in Science”.

Letschert, Prof. dr. mr. R.M. (Rianne)
  • International law and victimology


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