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Erik Kwakkel

Prof. dr.
Main position
Universitair docent en Scaliger-hoogleraar UL
Paleography, bibliology, bibliography, library science
Employed by
Universiteit Leiden
Instituut voor Culturele Disciplines, Opleiding Engels
Postbus 9515
2300 RA   Leiden
Personal website

Research on the form of medieval books against the background of intellectual history.

Erik Kwakkel (born in 1970) goes beyond the limits in his much-discussed research – both figuratively and literally. In his current research into social evolution and manuscript innovation in the twelfth century, he is working with a research group in the US that is exposing the roots of modern medicine. Interdisciplinary and international in approach, he describes his research as a hybrid between the spirit of history and the material world of the manuscript as a physical object.

Kwakkel, Prof. dr. E. (Erik)
  • Medieval manuscripts


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